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Maxi Rally  
2009 - The Barattero brothers come up with the idea of a new generation of cars to replace the Group N Category
2010 - Design, development and construction of the prototype takes place, ACA homologation for national championship
2011 - The first cars start competing with Group N Cars in the Argentinien Rally Championship
2012 - MAXI RALLY becomes the top rally category in Argentina. Regional FIA Homologation for South American Championship
2013 - With more than 30 units built, MAXI RALLY cars are running in Argentina, Paraguay and the South American championship.
2014 - Development and homolgation of 1.6-litre Turbo direct injection engine. MAXI RALLY International expansion.
The keys to success
Low construction, running and maitenance costs
Private teams can build their owbn cars
One common assembly kit for all cars
Many makes and models can be used as the base car
Homologated by te FIA in Argentina and South America
Available for FIA homologation in other national & regional championships
Technical Spec
2.4-litre (K24) naturally aspirated engine / MoTeC M130 ECU
285 bhp at 7200 rpm / 295 Nm at 5500 rpm
6-speed sequential gearbox / C dif unlock for H brake use
Frt & Rr MacPherson stuts. Fabricated steel subframe and links. Machined 7075 Al upright
Permanent four-wheel drive / Frt & Rr plated LSD / four common drivershafts
Roll cage designed under FIA regulations / 65 litre FT3 centrally mounted fuel tank
El Equipo
Maxi Rally
Catálogo de Partes
Barattero Group
Baratec Amortiguadores
Baratec Rally Team
Barattero MotorSport / Baratec Rally Team @2013
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