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Welcome to Baratec

Baratec Rally Team is Barattero Group´s area that is exclusively dedicated to the research, development and construction of Rally cars, under FIA specifications.

Nowadays, a group of 30 specialists among technicians, mechanics and engineers work on different areas such as, Design and Development, Engines, Dyno Test, Chassis and Welding, Suspension, Transmission , Electronic, Logistic and on Event Assistance.

This structure allows us to offer extraordinary quality units, using advanced technology and continuous innovation at the highest level of global competitions.


In 1990, under the name of Barattero brothers, we started working with Fiat and Volkswagen cars to compete in regional and national events.

In 1998, we became the Oficial Subaru Rally Team in Argentina and began our active participation in National, South American and World Rally Championships, in which we have achieved important results and numerous titles.

Twelve years working alongside with Subaru and the constant support of STI, created a strong linkage turning us into Base Team, suppliers of homologated parts and Official Distributers of the Japanese brand.

In 2010, the idea of a new category that could replace the Group N cars emerged. That is how Baratec designed, developed and built the prototype that gave origin to the successful MAXI RALLY Class.

At the present, BARATEC is the main constructor of the MAXI RALLY cars and homologated spare parts with over 30 units competing in different championships.
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